"There is a thriving sense of community" "Marvellous Manners" "The school is a calm and purposeful place" "Pupils behave well in lessons and want to learn" OFSTED 2023

Little Tors

The town's pre-school joined the main school in September 2017 and became 'Little Tors'. It is wonderful to have them here as part of our school family and the children benefit from being on a site that has more facilities for learning, play and exploration.  We take children from the age of 2.

Outdoor Area

Little Tors (pre school) and Pepperdon (reception/yr1) share a generous outside area. We have worked hard to create s little something for everyone to ignite imagination and a love for being outside including a:

  • Mud kitchen
  • Sandstop- a truck drive-in sandpit
  • Racing scooters and bikes complete with a ‘racing track’
  • A creative shed for budding artists- full of colouring utensils and materials
  • Growing area- where we get our gardener enthusiasts to plant seasonal plants and vegetable
  • Pirate ship- for sailing to new lands and finding new treasures and jewels, discovering and challenging sea-monsters on the way!
  • Woodland Den- a corner with the tools and materials to make a real secret den

We also have lots of others resources including our paddling pool and climbing frame that comes out during the warm seasons.

Inside Area

Inside of Little Tors. we have a very large, spacious and bright learning environment organised into several ‘learning stations’ that have different activities set up to develop motor skills, children's engagement and prime areas of learning.

There is a role play area that is forever changing, from an igloo to a jungle tent! The role play areas comes complete with a new set of costumes every time. We also have a reading area with cosy fireplace!

Please come and see for yourself!  Do call us on 01647 440482.