Christmas Fair 2nd December

Little Tors

Welcome to Little Tors!
Recently our Pre-school and Reception classrooms and staff have joined together to create an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) unit. Being an EYFS unit allows children to join us in pre-school and stay with our fantastic team right the way through to the end of reception. We use two classrooms, connected by open doors to allow the children’s learning to be fluid and supported by all adults in our EYFS team.
Our children have access to a range of creative activities to support their learning in music, arts and crafts, exploration, sand and water play, story telling, mark making, physical activity, PSHE, maths, phonics, and literacy. Our children learn through play in a supportive environment where they will become happy, confident, independent, learners who are inspired to always try their best.
Autumn 1:
What a fantastic first half term back. Little Tors have come back and settled in well and have been learning about who they are, where they live, our community and people who help us. We have been out on a few wellie walks and we have had the police in to visit us! Little Tors have also enjoyed their first lot of PE sessions led by Mr Pierce and are always excited on a Tuesday to do more. 
(See picture below to see what else we have been up to!)

We are looking forward this week to seeing you at parents evening and at the Harvest assembly on Friday. Don’t forget to dress up as a super vegetable! 
Autumn 2:
What a fantastic second half term. Little Tors this term have been learning about Celebrations. So far we have learnt about Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Birthdays and Christmas. Little Tor have been engaging in a range of texts supporting their learning about Celebration and Seasonal changes. We have been out on a few wellie walks looking at signs of Autumn and how it starts to slowly change to winter. We have recently been getting ready for our Nativity. We are currently busy creating, learning and getting ready for Christmas. We hope to see you at one of our school performances!